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Synthetica has changed its name into 'Jane Black'. Why? Well, we have a new band line-up. Robert Tobben (on bass) and Glenn Dumont (guitar) entered the band. Unfortunally Paul Kusters decided to leave the band as guitar player but nevertheless he stays attached as a critical friend, so we can't do anything stupid...
Yes, we will officially release our website and make ourselfs known as Jane Black. And, after doing some refurbishement and some rehearsing it's time to do some gigs, so like us on Facebook and watch outr tourdates!

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There are no upcoming events, but there will be in the near future. Just watch our website or Facebook!

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Into the Darkness 2017

Shortly About

2010 Initially started as a side-project of Dutch electro-wave act Nafta-2, Synthetica was born in late 2010. Influenced by Dark Ambient, Dark Electro and Dark Dance, the first songs were produced by both project members Robert and Paul. Central theme to their songs is the end of existence as we know it. Biblical references, prophecies and science were studied, conclusions were drawn. This resulted in a range of soundtracks, each for a possible way for the world to end. 2011 The first 7-track album is planned to be launched in summer 2011. It’s dark, it’s heavy, it’s bombastic. And most of all: it’s inevitable! Now Synthetica is ready to deliver the message no one wants to hear. So be prepared…